Art events

Having learnt all network technologies that shape our societies and photographic, video motion and digital technologies, Fredneg, as a graphic designer, composer and musician explores or investigates the various possibilities of artistic fields to create multimedia installations.

Her artwork question the cycle and meaning of life, the origins of life and its permanent transformation.

She thrives on fusioning art technologies and medias for a constant research and experimentation on shapes and textures that make up our personal surroundings she mimicks or recreate on her own.

Each exhibition, composed of digital paintings related one to another, motion videos projected onto the walls and broadcast on TV screens, is planned according to goals set and the scenography required according to the exhibit site.

This transmedia artistic approach provide us a unique collection of richly colored, textured digital paintings  provoking an aesthetic feeling and diving us into parallel worlds  that feel reminiscent of the Symbolists, Surrealists and Romantist creations.



The purpose of my website is to introduce my artwork, my professional development, my major art events through the different artistic projects  led whether they are former, current or future ones