The invisible implements our universe silently and the cycle of transformations shapes our environment without ceasing.


Through those digital paintings, I wanted to express the power of  the atomic reaction hidden behind an apparent inertia. The energy  released from  the natural elementary strengths at each moment of change free from human interference in order to reveal a kind of scintillating beauty made of a thousand sparks  and gold powder particles.


Mineral Vibrations

in the ocean


Episode 1

Serie Vulcanescence

Serie Luminescence

Coming from the bowels of the earth, an energy source fertilise the source bacteries. They give birth to those first  creatures with unexpected shapes which grow into the  deep blue sea. The heat becoming more intense the first sheaves of fire break the earth’s crust. And from the depth of the ocean, huge lava flows arise in order to conquer the world’s surface.


From this  titanic battle among the elemental forces the volcano has its spectacular and majectic eruption.


Once the volcanic ash cloud disappear, the nature become more peaceful et spread on fertile lands.


After this overflowing period comes the glaciation time which capture minerals through  an irisdescent glass curtain wall.


Human beings appear on earth and settle at the bottom of this disturbing geant, vulnerable to the explosive vagaries of the volcano. Generations follow one another along the line of time. They come and go following the natural life cycle, each generation replaces the last because of  weathering and climate change. Each eruption creates an amazing and frightening artwork in one shot.


Lost worlds give back their cold blue light and from the depth of the oceans, fountains  strewed with twinkling particles, light quietly waiting for  the eternal return of exciting times ahead.

Video excerpt in low resolution

in transit


Episode 2 :

Serie Iridescence

Serie Effervescence






Our civilisation has gone through rural exodus for the benefit of urban development. The historical relics left to the erosion of time is nonetheless capable of providing a fantastic imaginary world studded with gemstones.


Urban planning growing dramatically, the city’s hustle and bustle ,

The structure of our society, the emanations emerging from major urban areas overwhelm us with immediate and imperceptible sensations, an explosion

of invisible particles that reach inside of us in an unconscious way having

a profound impact on our behaviour.

Video excerpt in low resolution

Out of control technology


Episode 4

Serie Incandescence

Serie Obsolescence




Abandoned brownfield sites, emit bright red radiation which give back fumes

from sweat and sacrifice experienced within the imposing visual impact of these dignified rusty metal finished structures.


Open-air landfill sites indicate the waste imposed by economic excesses but

in a fit of elegance  those garbage coming from our over-consumption will appear to be in all their gloss and luxury for their last show.


Video to come

Back to the origins


Episode 4

Serie Turbulescence

Serie Opalescence

Mother nature roars proclaiming destructive cataclysms.

Nature rages wild and apocalyptic threats devastate sections of the planet in an amazing show.


Calm after the storm, scenery with

its impurities expelled, willing to offer

a new sitting,  the place of upcoming events.